Department of Management


MAN 321 (2014-2015-Fall): Corporate Finance
By: Asst. Prof. Burcu Esmer

This course aims to introduce the students to the world of finance, through the fundamental concepts, such as time value of money, risk, return, and asset valuation. After taking this course students will be able to measure and analyze the financial performance of a firm, apply the time value of money to solve financial problems, value financial and real asset investments, define and measure risk and rate of return ,calculate fair values of bonds and common stocks, and apply capital budgeting techniques.
Credits:3 ECTS: 6
Prerequisites: MAN 213

MAN-425 (2013-2014-Spring): Corporate Financial Strategy
By: Asst. Prof. Burcu Esmer

The primary objective of "Corporate Financial Strategy" is for students to understand the implications of financial theory in real situations and to be able to analyze and communicate the implications of their analyses to an informed audience. The course outline is organized to include major strategic decisions of corporations such as capital structure, payout policy, real options, mergers, risk management, as well as corporate governance and valuation. A second objective is for students to function in teams for case studies and presentations. A final objective is for students to refine and expand specific skills and use of financial analytical tools in a real-world context.
Credits:3 ECTS:
Prerequisites: MAN 321