Department of Music

The Faculty's departments are today internationally renowned for their excellence in education, international artistic ensembles and activities. Since it's founding the main objective has been to train artists, educators and researchers with high creative and interpretative skills in various fields of music.

In addition to the undergraduate and graduate programs, preparatory primary and high schools for music were also founded with the aim of starting music education at the earliest possible age. In order to expand music education to everyone, regardless of age and profession, programs such as the Early Music Training Program for children and "Part-time Music Education" have been ongoing since its founding. The Institute of Music and Performing Arts was established to provide graduate education through its Master's and Proficiency in Art (doctorate) level programs.   

MSC-901 (2009-2010-Fall): Music Appreciation
By: Prof. Walter Frisch

Prof. Frisch of Columbia University teaches Music Appreciation
Credits:6 ECTS: 3