Mechanical Engineering

The graduate program in the Mechanical Engineering Department offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. The department has strong research expertise in the areas of design, manufacturing, dynamics and control, tribology, and in acoustics and noise control fields and their applications to automotive, aerospace and other industry sectors. Graduate students conduct research in the course of their education and produce theses, contents of which are also published in archival journals and presented at national and international conferences. Most research projects are conducted with international collaborations with institutions in the US and Europe. The Department also has plans to develop several research areas consistent with the strengths of Bilkent University and with a vision to develop new and important technologies in Turkey. Among these are micro-systems and their design and manufacturing that will benefit from advances in nanotechnologies. Medical engineering will apply principles of mechanical engineering to help develop medical tools and technologies. Conversely, plans are underway to develop in bio-inspired sensors and actuators learning from those that have evolved in nature.   

ME 566 (2009-2010-Spring): Acoustics
By: Prof. Adnan Akay

─░ntroduction to oscillations, waves, and sound generation and propagation. General concepts such as quantitative measures of sound, plane waves, and acoustic energy density and intensity. Perception of sound. Derivation of wave equation. Reflection, transmission and refraction of sound. Normal modes: vibrating membrances, and sound in a rectangular enclosure; room and duct acoustics. Acoustic horns. Absorption and attenuation of sound waves. Acoustic waves in spherical co-ordinate systems.
Credits:3 ECTS: 6